Jesus prays in agony in the Garden

In his agony, aware of the suffering that is to be His, Jesus prays to God in the Garden of Gethsemane. "If it is possible, let this cup pass me by, but let your will, not mine, be done"

the disciples sleep

While Jesus is praying, the disciples sleep, even though Jesus has asked them to stay awake lest they be put to the test. 

Judas approaches

Judas brings the cohort to the Garden of Gethsemane saying "The one who I kiss, He is the one"

Jesus is betrayed

using the pre-arranged signal, Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss

Jesus is arrested

Jesus is arrested by the soldiers and led away to be tried. The disciples scatter.

Jesus is tried by the High Priests

Jesus is tried by the High Priests who find Him guilty of blasphemy

Peter is challenged by people he meets

Peter, hiding from the soldiers is challenged by people he meets: "Surely you are one of them?" He denies it saying "I do not know the man"

Peter denies Jesus

Just as Peter denies Jesus for the third time, a cock crew, and Peter remembered the words that Jesus had spoken: "Before the cock crows, you will have denied me three times"

Jesus was taken before Pilate

Once the High Priests had found Him guilty of blasphemy, Jesus was taken before Pilate as the Sanhedrin wanted Him put to death.

Jesus sentenced to be crucified

When Pilate found no case against Jesus, he had him taken out and scourged. Still Jesus would not defend himself, and eventually Pilate gave the crowd what they asked for and sentenced Jesus to be crucified.

The gave Him His cross to carry

After being scourged, they put a crown of thorns on Jesus' head, gave Him His cross to carry and took Him out to crucify Him.

Simon of Cyrene helps carry the cross

Simon of Cyrene, a passer-by, was pulled from the crowd and forced to help Jesus carry His cross.

Jesus falls

Suffering from the scourging, and weak after a sleepless night it was no surprise that the weight of the cross was too much for Jesus to bear.

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

Jesus, wracked with pain, still had the strength to comfort the women of Jerusalem who were weeping for him, but his words were cold comfort: "If they do this when the wood is green, what will they do when it is dry?"

Jesus falls again

Completely exhausted by his journey to Calvary, Jesus falls for the last time and is dragged to his feet and hauled to his place of execution.

a thief mocked Jesus

Already crucified at Golgotha were two thieves - this one, the "bad" thief mocked Jesus saying: "If you are the Christ, save yourself and us too".

Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom

Already crucified at Golgotha were two thieves - this one, the "good" thief rebuked the "bad" thief, saying: "He has done no wrong - at least we deserve what has happened to us. Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom".

Jesus is nailed to the cross

Rough iron nails are driven mercilessly through flesh and sinew, fastening Christ's weak body to the wooden cross.

Jesus hangs from the cross

suffering enormous blood loss and suspended by the iron nails through his hands and feet, Jesus hangs from the cross - every breath is painful. Death is close at hand.

crowds gather at the foot of the cross

The crowds gather at the foot of the cross, horrified at the spectacle before them but powerless to intercede on Christ's behalf.

why have you forsaken me?

Underneath a darkening sky, Christ lets out a loud cry "Abba, father, why have you forsaken me?" and shortly after, saying "it is done!", he breathes his last.

Jesus is taken down from the cross

Jesus' lifeless body is lowered from the cross into the waiting arms of Joseph of Aramathia and the disciple John.

Jesus lays in His mother's arms

Mary holds the battered and broken body of her son, Jesus Christ for a brief moment before His body is wrapped up and taken away to be buried in the tomb.

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